Face Painting
Magical Memories Entertainment has some of the best face painters in the business. We have set a standard that we hold all of our painters to and strictly enforce it. You can be sure our painter has the necessary skills, a clean setup, and hypo allergenic paints.

Your guests can choose between full-faces and small pieces of art. Also, we can paint approximately 12 full-faces per hour; with smaller works of art we can paint approximately 17 kids per hour.

We offer 3 different levels of face painters. Please see below:
Basic Face Painter:
The Basic Face Painters are painters who can do quality simple designs at a modest pace. At this level painters have been trained by master artists. These artists are perfect for larger groups and often are equipped with themed "Fast Sheets." "Fast Sheets" can be designed to fit event themes and help keep the lines moving at a quicker pace. Most "Fast Sheets" consist of 10 designs which are created by our master painter and taught to the painters prior to the event.
Advanced Face Painter:
The Advanced Face Painters are painters who have gone beyond the corer skill set and have mastered the core designs. They are proficient in not only small designs but full face designs for boys and girls. At this level they are able to break away from just the standard designs and create more individualized works of art that are unique for each guest. These painters are good for most children's events as well as have a greater speed to handle larger events.
Master Face Painter:
The Master Face Painters are painters who can handle nearly any event, any request and can work on the fly doing any design. These painters have mastered not only specific design work but have a high level of technique. These painters have not just been trained by the Magical Memories Staff but have been trained by top artists in the world. These artists are perfect for small groups that are looking for elaborate and intricate designs or a high level of design at a high speed.

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