Product We Use 
- Did you know that face paint is actually a high pigment cosmetic?
- Face painters should never ever use acrylic paints because they can cause dermatitis and contain carcinogens.
- All Magical Memories face and body artists use paints that are manufactured using only ingredients compliant with EU & FDA cosmetic regulations.
- All products have been approved by the EU & FDA institutions.
   They are:
     Free of any animal origin ingredients and BSE free
     Not tested on animals
     Contain no parabens

- All of Magical Memories artists are trained a minimum of 8 hours before they are put on their first job by Magical Memories Master Painters.
- Training includes the ability to paint select designs proficiently, proper appearance, proper sanitation, and customer service skills.
- Artists receive constant continuing education and new designs to add to their book and they are invited to monthly jams to hone their skills.

- Every kit is clean thoroughly after every event.
- Magical Memories artists are taught the proper way to sanitize and store their kits.
- Magical Memories artists are taught how to evaluate the health of a child and avoid contaminating their kit.
- Magical Memories Artists are taught how to work clean while on the job.

- Magical Memories artists dress in Magical Memories branded uniform or event themed attire.
- Artists are confident, well groomed and have a festive attitude.

Pre Screened
- All Magical Memories artists are personally interviewed by qualified staff who have practical event experience who know what skills and demeanor a face painter needs.
- Magical Memories artists fill out an application including references and previous experience working with children.