Magical Memories Entertainment: The Tradeshow Pros offers a wide variety of Live Performers who can utilize their talents to help convey your company message.

According to trade show research, Live Presentations are one of the most important ways people remember an exhibit.


       No matter what kind of exhibit budget you have, hiring Magical Memories Entertainment offers a cost-effective way to attract attention to your company.

For instance: Living Robots that dispenses free samples is always a hit!

       Entertainment options at trade shows are almost endless. Any form of live presentation can work, such as:


·       Photo Booths

·       Magician and Live Performers

·       Game Show or Trivia

·       Robots and Living Statues

·       Singers, Musicians and Bands


       In addition to the entertainment, Magical Memories offers a full support team with all the needed equipment to run a successful trade show booth.

·       Video Screens

·       Audio and Sound Systems

·       Stages

·       Backdrops


       Magical Memories Entertainment owner Steven Burchard has a background in marketing and will work with your sales team to make the entertainment an integral part of the marketing message and will reflect your company's image.


       When working with Magical Memories Entertainment you can be confident you are working with The Trade Show Pros.

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