Puppet Shows

     The Magical Memories Puppet Shows are live, interactive, musical-comedy puppet show designed for kids ages 1-10. 

     We offer 1 to 3 person shows, and small, medium, and large options.  The shows are 30 to 50 minutes long and use comedy, music and lots of audience participation to draw the children into the experience.  
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    • 1 Person Show:
      • Extremely interactive musical puppet show with tons of humor and fun
      • Includes gorgeous, hand-painted puppet theater, sound system with head microphone, and extensive variety of puppets featuring:
          • Angelique is at first too shy to come out because of her purple nose.  Rather than laughing at her, the children embrace her uniqueness
          • Lou the Friendly Monster teaches a simple song about feelings- “That’s OK to Feel Those Ways”
          • Squiggy the pop-up puppet leads the children in a color song that includes 6 puppets popping out
          • Clyde the Clock Puppet needs the kids’ help to unscramble his numbers
          • The kids help us put Ms. Face Puppets’ face parts where they belong through a rhyming song
          • The children learn a simple song with hand movements while Daisy the Flower Puppet grows back all of her dazzling petals
          • And more!
          • Wiseguy Ricky the Pirate Puppet jumbles his nursery rhymes (corrected by the kids)
          • Snobby Ms. Tallula Dallula the B-List Movie Star
          • Cranky trash-covered Tony the Tree who transforms into charming fruit tree through the magic word “please”
          • Little Miss Obnoxia Toxia the loud puppet
          • Trouble-maker Frankie doing only opposites and playing pranks on us!
          • Stevie the pretending-to-be-sick puppet until he hears there’s birthday cake
          • Around the World Segment including 18 puppets (alligator, shark, polar bear...)
          • And more!
      • Either high energy Count to 10! Freeze Dance or Hokey Pokey is danced to depending on overall age of kids
      • Maracas are passed out to shake along for part of the show
      • Animal hand puppets are passed out to everyone for one song
    • 2 Person Show:
      • An even cooler version of the 1 Person Show with two people!
      • More multi-dimensional use of puppet theater with puppets popping out through the windows  as well as puppets engaging the kids out front
      • Includes an exciting transformation into one of our costumed characters of your choice:
        • Captain Traptain, our funny, outrageously confused pirate needs the children’s help to find his parrot 
        • Belladonna the Squeamish Fairy Princess flutters in, squealing at the tiniest things until she learns bravery and standing up for herself.

o    Circle Show:
40 to 45 minutes  (works best for less than 20 kids)

§  Similar to 1 person puppet show, but scaled down, less theatrical version (quicker setup)

§  Small panels to hide puppets instead of puppet theater

§  Smaller speaker for accompanying music

§  Ukulele for medley of children’s favorites (Wheels On the Bus, If You’re Happy and You Know it)

§  Extensive amount of lovable, talking-singing puppets brought out with each song

§  Mini-puppet theater presenting brief story called The Two Chickies

§  Children shake maracas, hold small animal puppets for ukulele songs

§  Movement includes dancing/bopping to the Hokey Pokey


o    Smaller Circle Show:
30 minutes  (works best for less than 15 kids)

§  3 main puppets for the songs

§  Facade to hide puppets

§  The kids hold animal puppets for Old MacDonald

§  Ukulele for medley of children’s favorite songs
(Wheels On the Bus, If You’re Happy and You Know it, etc)

§  Maracas are passed out for part of the show

§  Movement/Dancing/Bopping throughout the show